Fit February


Ok, so you’ve done your January detox to make up for your decadence during the holidays, but why stop there?


Believe me, I like to eat and drink too much, like the next person. So, I’m challenging myself to work on my fitness goals for February. I don’t want to keep the challenge to myself though, so I challenge you to have a Fit February too! BTW, February is only 28 days! You can do it!

The Challenge: 

Do daily activities for your body and your soul: Go on a walk, go on a jog, do burpees, jump rope, do jumping jacks in the bathroom at work, whatever it is just move!

Mindful Eating: Be aware of the food that you are feeding yourself and how it affects you. Notice how you feel after eating a healthy meal that you brought from home versus thai takeout (my weakness). Take the time to prepare meals for yourself. Notice when you are full and stop eating. Notice when you are bored and when you mistake boredom for hunger (this is actually a thing).


So much of our healthy is related to our diet and what we put in our bodies. Why else would the saying, “you are what your eat” be the only thing people agree on in this world (maybe that's an exaggeration but I'm starting to think not). When I eat a doughnut, I feel like a doughnut...mmmm doughnuts....

But Really Though: 

This isn’t a challenge for anyone else but yourself. When you treat yourself right by being mindful of your health, you will reap the benefits in many ways and you will treat those around you right too. But, don’t do it for others. Do it for yourself because you deserve it. Don’t deprive yourself of anything, just be more mindful for 28 days. You can do it!

Let me know if you’re up for it and how you are practicing #FitFebruary in the comments!

Sarah IttoopComment