Challenge: 24 hours exploring Beacon, NY

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The Backstory:

As the summer months come to an end, us New Yorkers get antsy to escape the steamy city for something fresh. I wanted to go somewhere outside of the five boroughs, so in researching places near home (but far from the usual), I came across Beacon, NY.  I've heard friends talk about Beacon and its charm. Approximately 1.5 hours outside of Manhattan, just a quick car ride or MetroNorth ticket takes you from the hot city to beautiful Beacon. Known for its charming small town feel, delicious food, gorgeous hiking trails and appreciation of art, there is surely something for everyone in Beacon. 


Where to Stay...

There are quite a few options for hotels and AirBnBs while in Beacon. We opted to stay at The Roundhouse Hotel, as it is a centrally located, beautiful, modern boutique hotel. The room made us feel right at home and was the perfect resting place in-between our adventures. With an extraordinary restaurant, beautiful patio that overlooks a waterfall and a complimentary breakfast - I was definitely  satisfied with this stay. 


Where to Eat:

Let it be known - Beacon takes its food seriously! I am not shy about enjoying a good meal and Beacon did not disappoint. My favorite meal was at The Roundhouse Hotel, when we first arrived. We sat outside on their patio that overlooks Fishkill Creek. The food was a culmination of the offerings of the Hudson Valley. Freshly baked bacon cheddar cornbread with chive butter and green tomato jam,  deviled eggs with pork cracklings and siracha...and those were just the appetizers! Trust me, while you are in Beacon, treat yourself to a meal at The Roundhouse. We also had a delicious meal at Melzingah Tap House. One note is that a lot of places closed earlier than we were use to, so plan accordingly for restaurants. 





We heard a lot of good things about The Kitchen Sink but our hours did not match up with their hours of business, so we were unable to try their food. If you've been let us know for our next trip! Also, we were told that Quinn's Lounge has delicious ramen and good live music. Ramen and music? Definitely a winning combination. 

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THings to do:

Beacon has a lot to offer everyone's agenda. Good local bars, trails to hike, locally-sourced food, unique restaurants and art. The Dia: Beacon is a museum that opened in 2003 and has been a huge tourist attraction since. Featuring grand-scale modern art in the old Nabisco factory, you can spend hours roaming the various sections of this museum. Entrance is $15 per person (some discounts available) and is worth exploring. 

If you are like me and not so knowledgeable about modern art, take your time going through the museum and reading about the concepts on the pamphlets near each exhibit.  If museums aren't your thing, Beacon has beautiful hiking trails throughout the city. I did not hike this go around but plan to go back and take advantage of it in the future. Somehow, I made time to visit the Hudson Valley Brewery :) and was really pleased with the selections of beer, the staff's depth of knowledge about the beer and the laid back environment to enjoy our beverages. If you still have some time to spare, just walk up and down Main St. There are so many cute shops, bars and restaurants. We ended up in Hudson Valley Marshmallow Co. to enjoy a delicious s'more, made to order. 

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Let's have a drink and discuss if you Should visit beacon:

Yes - do it! If you are around the city and want a quick escape, this is the perfect spot for you. You can just do a non-committal day trip and go hiking or spend the night and take advantage of all that Beacon offers. It's not much for nightlife but it is perfect for relaxation. I'm looking forward to going there in the fall and watching the leaves change in this peaceful part of NY.


If you go, drop me a line and let me know!